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Death Knight
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Welcome to the Eternal Legion Home Page.

We are an EST raiding guild and most of the time our raids will be on an EST schedule. Our goal as a guild is to provide a friendly fun group that is focused for end-game progression that also supports and encourages its members. While we do have laid back attitude, we do expect members to be serious and well prepared when raiding. We do not make specific demands for players, but we do encourage players to spec or choose professions that will most benefit the guild.
Simple Standards:

Respect: In order to continue functioning as a team, we ask that all players respect one another. With a friendly enviornment and open personalities, we may sometimes get a little carried away with our conversations. Just remember, there is a time and a place.

Relax: Never should there ever be a time to stress over something that should be fun. Everyone plays this game to have fun, and if a member is creating trouble or drama, immediate guild kicking is in order.

Rewards: Everyone enjoys when the perfect piece of loot drops. Members should keep in mind, if it benefits a guildie, it will benefit you. Silly loot disputes can be a reason for dismissal. Keep your claims Legit!

Raid Schedule

Our Scheduled Raids are 3:30 - 7 server  sun, wed, thurs
We run 25 and 10 mans raids and we have a group for the heroic 10 man achievements.
Items are bought with dkp, earned from raid time attendance and bosses killed.
Other Guild News

Yaaaaaay We did it.

Richito, May 6, 10 6:05 AM.
Not only did we kill her  we reached a whole new level of situational awareness in which there are 5!  count em  5! people all trying to coordianate around eachother.   Wait, nevermind  you followed the picture...


Professor Putricide

Dabigmanz, Apr 20, 10 6:18 PM.
Good News Everyone!..... hes dead =0



Richito, Mar 11, 10 4:07 PM.
This is unbelievably late  but it's not really a kill shot is it?  We saved a stupid dragon from trash  It's what we do all the time to the melee...  Oh wait...

The Council
Bigplaid (Bigplaid)
The Asshole
DevilsSpawn666 (DevilsSpawn666)
Richito (Richito)
Raid Leader
wunluv (wunluv)
The Hurler of Taunts
The Canadian
The Professional
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